Hylo-Forte Contact Lens Solution

Hylo-Forte is the premium solution for longer-lasting eye lubrication in eyes that are experiencing severe or persistent dryness. The solution contains high-quality sodium hyaluronate which provides optimal moistening and viscosity and enhances staying time on the eye.

The active ingredient is Hyaluronic acid 0.2%, which helps to promote corneal epithelial cellular healing. The patented sterile multi-dose bottle delivery system assures sterile and safe use.  Suitable to use with all contact lenses and as coupling fluid behind rigid lenses and ortho-k lenses.

10ml bottle

  • For Severe and Chronic dry eyes
  • Preservative-free and phosphate-free
  • Can be used with all types of contact lenses
  • Use for up to 6 months after opening
  • 300 drops per bottle - equivalent to 150 treatments