Menicon Progent



Menicon Progent Contact Lens Cleaner 

Menicon Progent is a weekly protein remover, disinfectant and intensive cleaner compatible with all Gas Permeable contact lenses.

Rigid contact lens protein remover, use in conjunction with Menicare Plus Multipurpose solution. Use once every 2-4 weeks, 30 minutes MAX.  This product CAN NOT go in the eye, lenses need to be rinsed well with saline after treatment, then cleaned and stored in Multipurpose solution.

To ensure excellent comfort and prolong the life of your GP lenses it is recommended to remove proteins with Menicon Progent weekly, in combination with MeniCare Plus Solution.

7 Treatments in this convenient pack ie. 7 vials "A" & 7 vials "B" for individual applications. (No case included)